Jaxon and Hayden's Medical Story

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our New Van!!
To all who have blessed us these last few months and years, with not only CONSTANT prayers, but also gifts...we want to THANK YOU ALL so very much!!! The money raised from the Knick Benefit gave us the opportunity to purchase this beautiful van, that is PERFECT for our family! It will keep us traveling safe and sound, starting this week, with our first trip to Rochester, and many years to come! When we prayed and thought about what would be best to do with how generous you all were, we felt like this was our greatest need! We can't say THANK YOU enough...it is such an amazing gift for our family!!


We were honored to be apart of the Tuff Luck Fun Run on Saturday, June 7th. They chose Jaxon and Hayden along with another boy (Carter Fults) to be honored. A ton of bikers road from town to town around our area playing poker, and having fun to raise not only awareness, but $ for our families! You can't get better than that! It was a wonderful evening, and we felt so loved by a ton of people we don't even know! Thank you EVERYONE who was there, who rode, who helped plan, and worked this awesome event! We were SO honored to be apart of the day!

Check out the article written about our boys and Carter Fults, in the Morris Paper in June!

Friday, July 18, 2014

 A few Pics from the Ashby/Bethel Benefit